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The longtime leader of athletic trends continues on its course with the latest trending colors and comfort features for the whole family.

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Nike shoes started off as a quest for lighter, more durable running shoes. It ended with the creation of one of the world's most successful and recognizable sport brands. Nike have been at the forefront of the athletic movement since entering the industry in 1971, and show no signs of letting up. Nike quickly became a household name in the 70s through clever sponsorship deals, regular ahtletic endorsements and constant affiliation with professional events. The brand's focus on innovation allowed them to push the practical and aesthitic boundaries of running shoes and sneakers, while landmark releases and constant technological advancements have helped them stay at the top of the game.

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Nike history is full of iconic sneaker silhouttes. The Nike Air Max 1 was one of the first shoes to encorporate an exposed mid sole design. This was a bold move by Nike, which many at the time considered to be too daring, however, no one could predict the public response and lasting impression of the revolutionary shoe design. From there, Nike successfully signed and launched Michael Jordan's "Air Jordan" range, which today consists of over 30 different models. Nike shoes continued to expand with the Air Jordan range, continuing to release iconic sneakers that would take the world by storm.

Run, jump and fly with Nike

Since entering the market, Nike have strived on continuing to develop a shoe that is as light as possible when worn. The technology and research behind such is implimented and utilised across their range of shoes, and is perfect for sports such as basketball and track and field. Nike running places an importance on free flowing movement, while Nike basketball focuses on running and jumping support. Both shoes utilise the various types of knits and textures developed by Nike to help athletes reach their peak.